Anti Tobacco Awareness campaign

Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology & Special Care Dentistry, Saveetha Dental College organised ‘Anti tobacco awareness Programme’ on “No Tobacco Day” and it was conducted for 4 days from 31st May 2017 till 3rd June. Dr.Mogit Gupta.Y and Dr.M.Subha were co-ordinating the programme. The Motto of the programme was to create awareness among the general population about the ill effects of tobacco and to help those who are already in the clutches of the habit. Sessions were conducted with a audio- visuals which were short movies and videos demonstrating the consequences of general health and oral health. For those addicted to the habit were counselled on an one to one basis and suggestions were given to them on how to quit the habit.



They were also thought on how to self examine their oral cavity and when they have to attend to the changes in their oral cavity. Others without the habit were educated on how they can help and support some one who is quitting the habit. Elaborated on the withdrawal symptoms and psychological trauma an addicted person will undergo and life style modification required. They were also provide with department contact details for any further help.Overall the programme seemed to be very informative to the patients from the feedbacks received from them.