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MOU with School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vels University

On 12.4.2017 MOU was signed between Saveetha Dental College, finest institutions in the world with a unique curriculum with a blend of the best practices and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vels University known for 25 years of service in Pharmaceutical Education and research with its state-of-the art infrastructure and experienced faculty members.

The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences had represented the formulation of various drug delivery systems for the treatment of various dental disorders/ diseases. These formulations were usually tested in animals for their effectiveness. This collaboration will lead to new way for the real time study of the therapeutic effectiveness of the novel drug delivery systems in the patients. The development of drug loaded in-situ gels for treatment of dental disorders will be novel approach in which the formulation remains as liquid dosage form until it is administered on to the patients’ site, where it is converted into a gel. It is estimated that about 50% of school children are suffering from Dental caries and more than 90% of adults are having periodontal diseases. Many such affected sites out of reach for application of the semisolid formulations. Hence the development of optimized new insitu gel formulation which improves the rate and extent of action of drug loaded, and thereby enhancing the overall quality of treatment of patients.

Saveetha Dental College proved its track record in providing quality treatment for the patients and this Research collaboration will definitely open the new avenues to reach great heights in patient service and to train students of both the universities with unsurpassed skills in Clinical, Academic and Research domains.

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