Post graduate Program

The Division of Oral Medicine and Oral Radiology is pleased to offer a 3 year residency program which leads to a Post graduate  Masters degree specializing in Oral Medicine & Radiology. Our program has been carefully designed to offer residents a broad based training in oral medicine and oral and craniofacial sciences, and to prepare them for an academic career in the field of Oral Medicine. Our Oral Medicine Center, with its diverse patient population, offers an excellent training ground for residents to gain and increase their knowledge on a wide range of oral diseases and conditions.



The post graduates of this specialty deal with the clinical aspects of oral and maxillofacial diseases of local origin, oral manifestation of systemic diseases and the systemic effect of oral focal infections in depth and aims to make a correct diagnosis and medical management of various diseases preserving the oral health and general health. Our course is designed in a manner to train the student in a wholesome manner in all aspects of diagnosis and medical management of these conditions.


Imaging Science

As the specialty has to see all the out patients to diagnose different diseases for referral and treatment along with various investigations much importance has been given to study radiology and imageology. Recent advances and modern techniques of various images are to be studied thoroughly in this specialty to make an excellence of diagnosis for various oral and maxillofacial diseases. 


Special Care Dentistry

This clinically oriented specialty functions as an academic bridge between medicine and dentistry taking care of the medically compromised patients and medical management of various oral diseases. An Oral Medicine and Radiology expert is indispensable for any big medical hospitals, dental colleges and medical colleges. His expertization in the field of forensic odontology, oral foci of infection, oral cancer and AIDS disease are very much needed for the public.