Research Projects 





1.Dr. M. Arvind &Dr. K.B Laliytha-T -cell subset analysis in Oral Leukoplakia

2. Dr. M. Arvind& Dr. V. Jayanth Kumar-Role of anti-histaminics in treatment of oral lichen planus

3. Dr. M.Arvind &Dr. M.Subha-Genotypic and phenotypic markers in Trigeminal Neuralgia

(Joint study with department of genetic and imageology, Sri Ramachandra University)

4. Dr. M. Arvind & Dr. G. Anuradha-Saliva in diagnosis for diabetes

(Proposal for joint research with Dr. Mohan’s Diabetic centre, Chennai)

5. 5. Dr. M.Arvind& Dr. Nallan Chaitanya-Ascorbic acid in the treatment of radiation induced mucositis

(Joint research with Rai CBCC Centre, Chennai)

Inter-institutional collaborative projects and associated grants received

(a). National Collaboration

The students are awarded funding by the college for their research work and also researchresearch work is being carried out with ICMR funding. 

            Dr. T. N. UmaMaheswari

            Expression of salivary biomarkers alkaline phosphatase and lactate dehydrogenase in oral      leukoplakia-An ICMR funded project ( Reference ID: 2013-02552)

(b). International Collaboration    

1.      The faculty of the department are part of world workshop of oral medicine working with international oral medicine groups and societies and are aiming in developing an internationally standardised oral medicine curriculum and also to standardise the protocol for oral medicine practice

19.  Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; UGC-SAP/CAS, DPE; DBT

The below listed are the department student projects sent to ICMR forfunding and approval


1.      Prevalence and Different varieties of Type V Lip prints

2.      Oral Lichen planus - A comparative study between the oxidative stress of erosive and non erosive types

3.      Occurrence of mucosal changes in MAWA and HANS users

4.      Study of salivary pH in patients with prevalence of periodontitis with or without diabetes mellitus

5.      Knowledge, attitude and perception of patients using smokeless tobacco towards oral cancer

6.      Evaluation of position of mental foramen using CBCT in Chennai population

7.      Confocal microscopy in lip print analysis - A novel approach

8.      Analysis of salivary pH in patients with dental caries and healthy subjects